Take stock of where you are

Customer focus is something every team claims they have yet many teams do not understand what it really takes to be a customer experience leader. Great customer experiences don’t happen by chance. They require a complement of capabilities to succeed.

Customer Experience Capability Framework Introductory Talk

Discover the 11 capabilities your team needs to excel in customer focus in this free 60-minute talk. Experience how the framework can be used to drive critical alignment discussions. Observe how the frame can establish shared priorities.

Customer Experience Capability Framework Facilitated Discussion

Benchmark your team against 15 companies who are leaders in customer focus. Your team will evaluate its strengths and weaknesses set objectives for growth. This facilitated discussion follows the introductory talk.

User Interface Tenets & Traps Expert Evaluation and Discussion

Experience how tenets of good UI design detect and resolve potentially costly UI problems. From this expert evaluation, you will understand where your user experience is doing well and where it traps users from completing tasks quickly and efficiently.

Learn immersively

All of our workshops are adapted to team/group needs and circumstances. We teach experientially and kinesthetically, and send you back to work with practical job aids. Teams are encouraged to take workshops as intact groups, and to invite key working partners to join them.

High-Performing Teams Workshop

Challenge your assumptions about what it takes to solve complex business problems. Identify where your team has collective problem-solving blind spots. Explore how to create and deploy efficient problem-solving squads with a dynamic, complementary mix of problem-solving abilities.

From Data to Insights Workshop

Go beyond focusing on data that are easy to collect, to dismiss vanity metrics, and to ask good questions. Explore a broad array of customer research methods that you can use to get from data to insights quickly, and discover how they can be combined to work effectively even in continuous shipping environments.

Explore Inclusive Design Workshop

Expand your understanding of how software and service experiences can unintentionally exclude people. Explore specific ways you can intentionally include more perspectives in your practice.  Gain an initial understanding of inclusive design and expand your thinking about diversity and inclusion.

Problem Definition and Alignment Workshop

Get clarity on the specific customer problem your team needs to solve by using a structured method to articulate customer needs. Express this articulation as a customer-focused scenario to drive alignment and agreement across the team and focus the engineering effort.

Connecting with Customers Workshop

Learn how to ask good questions and listen actively, without judgment, to customers, to understand what problems they are experiencing with your product or service. Additionally, learn how to use these techniques to uncover new opportunities for your product or service.

UI Tenets & Traps Workshop

Learn to quickly recognize common UI mistakes and which interaction principles they violate. Precisely describe the problems you find using a set of UI Traps cards. This structured approach helps you communicate clearly with product owners and UX professionals, to eliminate UI bugs.

Lateral Thinking Workshop

Unlock your best ideas by learning specific lateral thinking techniques that avoid brainstorming pitfalls and leverage the full creativity of the group. Learn how to effectively facilitate brainstorming activities.

Informal User Research Workshop

Learn how informal user research fits into your process.  Practice with lightweight techniques for getting feedback on a UI design that help you gain insights and move fast.

UX Design Essentials Workshop

If you have ever wondered why customers struggle to use your product, this course is for you. Gain the practical essentials to make good design decisions quickly and confidently, to create designs that are intuitive, simple, and delightful.

Dive deeper

We often are asked how we can help you develop via consulting and coaching. We bring our decades of experience from the front lines of software and services in-house to you, to help your teams and team leaders learn by doing. Here are some examples.

Conduct an Inclusive Design Sprint

To practice inclusive design, you need to change and enhance your design and research methods. We show you how to integrate these changes into your practices in the context of a design sprint.

Build a User Research Panel

You need to be able to get insightful feedback quickly, in order to iterate your designs and ship on time. We know how to build a panel of research participants who will respond fast with enthusiasm.

Assemble a High-Performing Team

We have decades of experience in hiring and building UX teams that work well together. We can help you create the right team for your specific circumstances.