Offered as half-day workshop plus three 90 minute webinars over 3 weeks.

Software and service teams have access to more customer data than ever before but the complexity of data and speed at which teams move create steep challenges to extracting meaningful insights that have timely impact.

Examine the steps a real-life app development team went through to define and start building an app that “seemed like a good idea at the time” but failed to find a market. Challenge yourself to go beyond focusing on data that are easy to collect, to dismiss vanity metrics, and to overcome confirmation bias by asking the right questions. Explore a broad array of customer research methods that you can use to get from data to insights quickly, and discover how they can be combined to work effectively even in continuous shipping environments. Discover a new perspective on how to ask good questions, how to choose research methods that are practical and optimized for quick execution, and how to combine them to get reliable answers.

This workshop is for people creating software and service experiences who rely on data to compete but crave insights to pull ahead of the pack.


  • Shift focus from what data to collect to what questions to ask.
  • Distinguish meaningful questions and metrics from ones that contain bias or are less than useful.
  • Select research methods that provide a balanced view on the questions at hand and that fit into the time and resources available.

 About the workshop

  • Experiential workshop with co-facilitators. Real world examples are used in small group activities.
  • Half-day in-person experience plus three virtual, interactive 90-minute webinars, combine to the equivalent of a full-day experience.
  • Participants will have “homework” between the half-day workshop and the webinars.
  • Webinars are scheduled once a week for each of the 3 weeks following the in-person workshop.