Offered as a half-day intact team workshop or as open enrollment.

Teams often assume that getting useful qualitative information about a UI they’re working on takes a trained user researcher, a lab, and a lot of time. Time is one thing teams don’t have these days, so they often proceed without user feedback, which can lead to costly fixes down the road.

The good news is that there is a precise but lightweight way to get basic yet insightful feedback on your UI design. By learning this method, you will begin to see how people will use your design and gain some insight into ease-of-use. You will gain knowledge for making design decisions and learn about designs before they are coded.

This workshop is for teams who want to make sure they are getting user feedback on their UI designs, as long as they can do it quickly and efficiently.


  • Gain a better understanding of how informal user research can fit into your process.
  • Practice with a very light-weight technique for getting user feedback on a UI design.

About this workshop

  • Experiential workshop, using real world examples in small group activities.
  • Half day in-person experience, with short breaks.