Offered as a 90-minute presentation of results from an expert evaluation that is typically done offsite.

This expert evaluation uses UI Tenets & Traps, a heuristic method that identifies and characterizes common problems with a user experience. The method is backed by more than 100 years of research on human perception, cognition, memory, and ergonomics. Tenets describe attributes of good user interface design.Traps describe common, detectable problems that degrade good design. Eliminate traps and the customer experience will improve.

This evaluation is for teams that want an effective, low-cost way to understand and scope the current state of the user experience for a product or service and to make plans for where to invest in improving it.


  • Identify UI tenets that your product or service violate, expressed as a set of traps being triggered.
  • Create a shared understanding of priority and severity of the traps identified.
  • Begin to build an understanding of the tenets of good UI design.

About this evaluation

  • Evaluation focuses on core workflows in your experience, based on prior discussion and agreement on areas of priority.
  • 90-minute in-person or virtual presentation of findings and creation of action plan.
  • See UI Tenets and Traps Workshop for training to do this work yourself.