Offered as half-day workshop for intact teams or as open enrollment

Teams of smart, dedicated people often have trouble harnessing their collective creative capability. All of us can recall participating in a brainstorm that stalled or that produced underwhelming results. Many of us have grown to view brainstorms as hit-or-miss or, sadly, wastes of time.

Examine what makes a brainstorming session fail and the common traps participants fall into. Challenge yourself to learn new techniques for generating ideas, by thinking laterally, that will unlock latent creative capability. Explore the critical role an effective facilitator plays.

This workshop is for teams who want to generate ideas that cover a much broader surface area than before and are things the team has not thought of already.


  • Identify common patterns in ineffective idea generation.
  • Build a toolkit of techniques that enable rapid, productive idea generation
  • Practice generating ideas and how to overcome potential stalling points
  • Select among ideas to figure out which ones to carry forward to design activities

About this workshop

  • Experiential workshop, using real world examples in individual, paired, and small group activities.
  • Half day in-person experience, with short breaks.