Offered as a half-day intact team workshop

UX design teams must move quickly, to keep up with the pace of development on today's app and SaaS projects. Teams need to find and fix common UX problems before spending time with customers, because time is a precious commodity that can't be squandered. An evaluation, using a deck of UI Traps cards, is the best way to identify, characterize, and prioritize common, detectable problems that degrade good UI design.

This workshop teaches UX teams (and others who work closely with the UX, such as content creators, quality assurance engineers, product owners, and front-end developers), how to use the UI Traps cards, and to quickly identify what needs to addressed before progressing to research with actual users. The workshop also helps them operationalize the attributes of good UI design behind the cards, also known as Tenets. As the creators of the cards say, each deck is "100 years of UI research in the palm of your hand".


  • Learn how to characterize a UI problem in terms of which tenet it violates and which trap it triggers.
  • Distinguish between similar traps to choose the best description of a UI problem.
  • Build a shared vocabulary for describing UI traps and put that vocabulary to use in conversations and in issue reports.

About the workshop

  • Experiential workshop, using real world examples in individual, paired and small group activities.
  • Half day in-person experience, with short breaks.
  • Presented in partnership with Michael Medlock and Steve Herbst, the creators. More info at