Offered as full day for intact teams or open enrollment.

Inclusive design considers the full range of human diversity to expand access to software and services.

Examine how design and research can embrace users’ diverse lived experiences with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age and other forms of human difference. Challenge yourself to expand your understanding of how software and service experiences can unintentionally exclude people. Explore specific ways you can intentionally include more perspectives in your practice.  Gain an initial understanding of inclusive design and expand your thinking.

This workshop is for people creating software and service experiences who seek broader reach for their products and services.


  • Develop a personal connection to inclusive design.
  • Articulate why inclusive design matters to your work.
  • Commit to make an initial change or adjustment in your practice to be more inclusive.

About the workshop

  • Experiential workshop, using real world examples in individual, paired and small group activities.
  • Full day in-person experience, with short morning and afternoon breaks and one hour for lunch.
  • Build on the research of the Inclusive Design Research Center at OCAD University.