Offered as a one hour talk, no fee charged.

Customer focus is something every team claims they have yet many teams do not understand what it really takes to be a customer experience leader.

The Customer Experience Capability Framework (CECF) is a tool for organizations to assess their existing strengths and to find opportunities for improving the way they build great products for customers. The framework describes the 11 essential capabilities that teams need in order to deliver market-leading customer experiences.

To build the framework, we looked closely at companies that were executing really well, and reflected on their growth over the years. We conducted extensive primary and secondary research on the leading practices across many companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Samsung, NetFlix, JetBlue, USAA, and a dozen others. These findings were then interpreted through the lens of what was most relevant to apps and services teams.

This lecture is for people who create, support, market, and sell software and service experiences where customer experience matters.


  • Define and differentiate the framework’s set of 11 capabilities.
  • Demonstrate how the framework can be used to drive critical discussions of alignment and priorities.

About the talk

  • Lecture, with small group activities using the framework.
  • One-hour in-person or virtual experience.
  • Audience size is variable, based on room or conferencing software limits.