Featuring the Basadur Creative Problem-Solving Profile, co-presented with Locomotive Partners

Offered as full day or half-day intact team workshop.

In most companies, individuals and teams are in the business of solving problems, yet employees often express dissatisfaction with which problems are chosen to be solved, the creativity of thinking about those problems, the quality of plans, and the efficacy of resulting solutions.

Examine your problem-solving behavior in the context of your team and where friction is creating less than optimal results. Challenge your assumptions about what it takes to solve complex business problems and where your team has collective blind spots. Explore how to create efficient problem-solving squads with a complementary mix of problem-solving abilities.

This workshop is for teams who are working together to create and deliver products and services. We encourage close working partners of the team to attend.


  • Identify each team member’s predominant problem-solving approach/style using the Basadur Creative Problem-Solving Profile.
  • Compare and contrast the different styles.
  • Identify points of ease and points of friction on the team.
  • Visualize the distribution of styles across the team.
  • Experience how a mix of styles improves team performance.
  • Articulate opportunities for improving the team’s performance.

About the workshop

  • Experiential workshop with co-facilitators, using real world examples in individual, paired and small group activities.
  • Full day in-person experience, with short morning and afternoon breaks and one hour for lunch. Can also be done as a half-day experience with reduced depth.
  • Workshop is best for an intact team and encourages including close working partners.
  • Participants complete a 10-minute problem-solving profile as pre-work.