Our Approach

Our Philosophy and Approach

We know you don’t have time to waste on training, coaching, or consulting that has unclear goals, unproven outcomes, and unnecessary complexity. Everything we do has a clear purpose tied to your bottom line. We design and deliver training, coaching, and consulting that is practical, applied, and inspiring.

We are deeply committed to these three tenets:

  • Inclusion: We help your team discover where it is excluding customers, to open up new perspectives and product / service opportunities.
  • Empathy: Embrace the qualitative in the world of quantitative, build muscles of deep listening, insight generation and storytelling to have a repeatable and reliable way to understand your customers.
  • Participation: We help individuals grow by helping your team grow, through effective strategies for adult learning and change management.

Our Story

Be Curious With Us

Jeanine Spence head and shoulders

Jeanine Spence

Experience Strategist

Jeanine works with companies of all sizes to imagine innovative solutions that deliver customer value. Having worked on both the engineering and design sides, she draws together the vision and the plan to deliver unique experiences. She believes in the power of listening closely to people to understand their challenges and ambitions and accepts that not everything needs a technology solution. But when technology is needed, then that is when it gets really interesting. She shares this passion in her industry talks and workshops ranging across inclusive design, design thinking, scenario planning, ideation and iteration, and strategic prototyping.

Jeanine is the lead author of the Customer Experience Capability Model, a strategic framework teams use to examine their current skills against exemplary examples and define a transformation roadmap. Jeanine received her bachelors in Philosophy from Reed College and her Masters of Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design. Keeping up with the youth, she is involved with Destination Imagination and teaching design thinking at local schools.

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Kent Sullivan

Design Researcher

Kent believes strongly that integrating insights extracted from diverse data sources (design research, market research, telemetry, social networking, etc.) greatly increases the chances of those insights being breakthrough in nature. Kent has spent years fostering deep collaboration among team members and recognizes how hard it is to achieve this in a high-pressure corporate environment.

During his long tenure at Microsoft, it was Kent’s pleasure to work on a wide variety of products, especially Windows 95, where he led the exploratory user research that produced the Start Menu and Task Bar, as well as the iterative research that helped nail down the details. Kent spent ten years teaching and mentoring UX professionals inside of Microsoft. He then built and ran the user research team for Power BI. Since leaving Microsoft, Kent has been helping teams and organizations become more customer-focused.

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