Offered as half-day workshop for intact teams or as open enrollment

Software and service teams have access to more customer data than ever before but they seldom have meaningful 1:1 interactions with customers, which are desperately needed to provide the “why”, and to create empathy for customers’ needs and issues.

Examine what kinds of questions you default to asking during a customer interaction and how much of the total experience (verbal and non-verbal) you remember accurately. Challenge yourself to improve your skills at asking good questions and listening actively, without judgment, and at interpreting body language. Explore how to capture information that you can use after the interaction without relying just on your memory.

This workshop is for anyone who plans or is currently engaging with customers to get specific feedback on a product or service, or as part of general community building.


  • Give you the skills to turn a negative customer interaction into a positive event for both you and them.
  • Get high quality insights about who are your users, how do they work, and what issues affect their productivity and success
  • Succeed at turning around any existing negative perceptions of your company.

About this workshop

  • Experiential workshop, using real world examples in individual, triad, and small group activities.
  • Half day in-person experience, with short breaks.
  • Participants receive a job aid that reiterates the types of questions to ask customers and how to ask them, along with links and resources.