Offered as a half-day intact team workshop.

Teams often begin ideating on possible product/service ideas before having a clear understanding of the customer's situation and problem. This leads to, at best, misalignment within the team about what direction to pursue, and at worst, a solution that is search of a problem.

Get clarity on the specific customer problem your team needs to solve by using a structured method to articulate the customer’s needs. Express this articulation as a customer-focused scenario to drive alignment and agreement across the team and focus the engineering effort, to ensure you build the right solution.

This workshop is for teams who seek to eliminate barriers to functioning as smoothly as possible in a fast-paced, high-stress product and service delivery environment.


  • Describe the customer's situation, context, and problem in the form of a scenario.
  • Iterate on the scenario until the team has clarity and is aligned.
  • Avoid articulating implementation details.

About this workshop

  • Experiential workshop, using real world examples in individual, triad, and small group activities.
  • Half day in-person experience, with short breaks.