High-Performing Teams

To move fast, you need genuine collaboration—which takes effective team communication and teamwork. We know how to help you create a high-performing team that will outperform a collection of lone geniuses every time.

How well does your team communicate and work together?

Deep Customer Insights

Insights about your customers that are rich and non-obvious are critical to your team’s success. We move your team from thinking about data to its consequences; from what to why, to help you stay ahead of your competitors and create magic for your customers.

How sure are you about who your customers are and what they want and need?

Join Us: Workshop & Talks

Dec 11: Invest in Inclusive Capabilities talk
at NewTech Northwest

Dec 3: Inclusive by Design talk

Nov 13: Basadur Problem-Solving Profile mini-workshop
Part of HCDE 503

Nov 7: Explore Multi-sensory Design workshop
New offering--contact us for details

Oct 5-6: Design for Inclusion workshop (multi-sensory design)
at AIGA Into the Woods Conference

Fall Quarter: Navigating Design in Organizations (HCDE 503)
co-teaching course

Sep 11: Exploring Inclusive Design multi-day workshop
in Auckland, New Zealand

Be Curious With Us

Shift your mindset.  Build capabilities that matter.

We know you don’t have time to waste on training, coaching, or consulting that has unclear goals, unproven outcomes, and unnecessary complexity. Everything we do has a clear purpose tied to your bottom line. We design and deliver training, coaching, and consulting that is practical, applied, and inspiring.


We focus on the inflection points that are known to shift minds and foster behavior changes that matter. It can be uncomfortable to be truly open-minded—we make a safe space for that to happen. We teach experientially and kinesthetically—people are up and moving around regularly, using different modalities. Our materials are not stodgy, text-heavy slides. We provide valuable job aids to help ensure that what is learned in the workshop is applied right away back on the job. We work with you collaboratively, openly and efficiently to make lasting change.

Consulting and Coaching

Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident. They require a complement of capabilities to succeed. Your organization has a unique blend of capabilities and mission. We work with you to evaluate your current state and prioritize the specific areas that are critical to your business.

Using our proprietary Customer Experience Capability Framework, we provide customized guidance on growing capabilities systematically. We don’t force you onto a one-size-fits-none path. Each evaluation gives you the choice of which areas to pursue with us and which to continue growing on your own.