Presented by The SFE Group, based on the Scenario-Focused Engineering book

Offered as a two-day intact team workshop, one day leadership workshop required for large organizations

Your biggest risk as an engineer is to build the wrong thing. We think there is a better way to engineer software. That innovation and creativity can be taught, and that there is science behind it, not just art.

Through a highly experiential two-day workshop, intact teams learn how to use the techniques that put customers first, how to creatively meet their deepest needs ahead of the competition, and most importantly – why everyone needs to care. Customized to your team’s specific customer and market situation this workshop discovers and aligns teams on their customers’ biggest needs, and provides a detailed introduction to Scenario-Focused Engineering, a time tested and repeatable method to make products great.


  • Your Team Will Have a Common Language and Approach to Solving Big & Complicated Problems.
  • Your team will have a renewed focus on how to efficiently build the right thing. You will have a healthier team unified around common goals. Instead of fire fighting, your entire team will be able to focus on what’s really important.

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