Offered as a half-day intact team workshop.

Teams building software and services are moving considerably faster than just three years ago, let alone five. As speed of execution goes up, the need for clear and precise communication between team members and with partner teams also goes up--and so does the stress, especially when things aren't going well.

Examine communication breakdowns and friction within your team and with key internal partners. Challenge yourself to deeply to listen to feedback from co-workers and key partners and form a shared understanding of issues--not just with what is being delivered, but how it is being delivered. Explore how to ask open-ended questions, check assumptions, and focus on building relationships for the long-term.

This workshop is for teams who seek to eliminate barriers to functioning as smoothly as possible in a fast-paced, high-stress product and service delivery environment.


  • Practice active listening to identify key communication breakdowns and points of friction within the team and with close partners.
  • Participate in facilitated discussions to create a shared understanding of issues, not just with what’s being delivered, but how it’s being delivered.

About this workshop

  • Experiential workshop, using real world examples in individual, triad, and small group activities.
  • Half day in-person experience, with short breaks.