Offered as a one hour talk, no fee charged.

Customer focus is something every team claims they have yet many teams do not understand what it really takes to be a customer experience leader.

The Customer Experience Capability Framework describes 11 capabilities leading companies exhibit. The Framework is based on extensive research of well-known, exemplary organizations that use customer experience as their key differentiator and over 50 interviews with leading practitioners. The examples from this research provide inspiration and a structured approach for organizations looking to improve.

This lecture is for people who create, support, market, and sell software and service experiences where customer experience matters.


  • Define and differentiate the framework’s set of 11 capabilities.
  • Demonstrate how the framework can be used to drive critical discussions of alignment and priorities.

About the talk

  • Lecture, with small group activities using the framework.
  • One-hour in-person or virtual experience.
  • Audience size is variable, based on room or conferencing software limits.